Cherry Row Gallery Now Open

.Cherry Row Gallery is now open with 'NINA d'  until July 2nd 2018.

Cherry Row Gallery is pleased to introduce her sister shop

Cherry Row shop will be opening this week and will offer a selection of prints, postcards and posters from Cherry Row Gallery exhibitions.

Cherry Row Gallery Opening

Barry Yellow, Mark Hilsden and Lily Castano are opening Cherry Row Gallery

Saturday 2nd June 2018

new works are being produced in relation to Appleby Horse Fair and will be available to purchase

1 Cherry Row, Low Wiend, Appleby-in Westmorland CA16 6QP

Look out for press and publicity posters coming shortly.

Thistles by Hannah Smalley

Hannah is an emerging beautiful talented poet and whose poem Thistles I heard at Space to Emerge Retreat and I would like to share it with you...

Come and join me in the

wild edges,

Secret spaces filled with magic.

Watching the thistles 

gracefully dancing in 

the evening air.

Listening to their leaves.

a gentle reminder -

'Lay down your defences and let your love flow.

Let all fears go, so that 

there is room to bloom!

lovely, lively like the


standing strong with soft flowers twinkling on the tips

Surrounded by thorns

they whisper out to the

 world -

Don't let the prickly 

patches hold you back.

Wander in the wild edges...

Follow your heart,

Feel your feet.

Flow like thistles, 

with love.

Hannah Smalley

Appleby Artists Collective 1st meeting!!

Pen and Ink Artist Mark Hilsden and I are holding an Artist's Gathering for artists in Appleby...

As Artists based in a small rural community such as Appleby, we are crucial to setting the scene and are in an ideal position to be able to gather support amongst ourselves in the first instance. 

This will help generate business, income and place Appleby on the map as a model to others in how as artists, we are supporting efforts in providing a sustainable future for fellow artists, residents and businesses. 

Saturday 19th May At Artists Studio, Appleby In Westmorland

Appleby has the potential to become the Art town of the North ...and as artists we feel we need to come together to share experiences, skills, ideas, and resources in order to make this happen!!

May News/ Noticias de Mayo

Artists Studio- New Opening Times

We are now open from 10-4 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 

Come and see us at work!

Red Thread Collective meeting

Saturday 12th May 


Artists Studio

Lily is in discussions with a local artists to come and give a talk!

New works are in...

Lily has produced two new works

Hermano A, hermano B, y yo C (Brother A, Brother B and me, C) 

Dialogue between/diálogo entre

Photos will be uploaded shortly/Las fotos serán cargadas en breve

April News/Noticias de abril

New works in Artist's studio

Flight /Vuelo

Lily has taken flight and this new work reflects her recent transition 

Red Thread Collective

Red Thread Collective Meet and Greet on Monday 9th April 


Artist's studio

Red Thread Collective Meet and Greet 

Saturday 7th April


Artist\s Studio

Wild Rose

Lily's new home from home is just outside Appleby 

Wild Rose caravan park, Harrison Holidays 



Cumbria CA16 6EJ

March News/ noticias de marzo

Red Thread Meet and Greet and Rummage .. this Saturday!

Red Thread Collective is holding its regular Meet and Greet with a difference... Rummage! 

This is a chance to come and meet other women looking for friendship support and pick up a little something from Lily’s spring clean( costume jewllery, some books and bits and bobs.. )

Red Thread Meet and Greet (and Rummage) 

Artists Studio, 1 Cherry Row, Low Wiend, Appleby-in-Westmorland. CA16 6QP 

Saturday 3rd March from 2.30pm

Update from Calais

Lily and Rob drove down to Calais on 16th February with donations.

Time was spent with other volunteers working together in the Help Refugees mass donation warehouse. 

Lily and Rob helped staff to go through donated items- including sleeping bags, tents, shoes, jackets and socks to name a few. 

The sheer amount of stock piled donations and the enormity of sorting through and allocating ‘wanted‘ and ‘not wanted‘ items whilst working under conditions with its own political landscape led Lily to consider that these resources that are given time and time again is perhaps at best a missed opportunity and at worst sheer Waste.

Lily considered that if we can be given the opportunity to strengthen ourselves- as Women, our families, our Children, our communities and our societies then perhaps we’d be in a place to step  into our shoes and offer friendship and support to others who have walked their own footsteps but who have been interrupted by forces beyond their control. 

Because only then we’d have our whole behind us, standing alongside us, and leading us rather than against...

Lily has been inspired by this piece of writing and Robert Hakiza from Ted Conference -see link to share with you below, and of course her own experiences of transcultural and transcultural identity issues as we reflect together the enormity of the need for humanity in all places far and wide. 

Lily  is currently putting together works in response to this theme ... watch this space!

Thanks to Judith Edwards and Fellow volunteer Toby for his poem:

”On returning from Calais”

“The Jungle Calais

What can I say

I can say what it wasn’t

Now I’m back from the crossing

Now I’m out of the shower

After half an hour

In which time I had it all

All of that which was missing













A place I can stand baked

Close my eyes and think of family

Know they’re there is I should need them

And I am here if they need me

A place I can stand naked

Let my mind wander to friends and future

Know they’re there when I reach out for them

And I am here to be someone and answer

The golden glow of home

If you have it

Cherish it

And may all of those in the jungle tonight

One day have those simplest of things

And all the joy and love that they bring”. 


Please see this link from Debra Esterhuizen (thanks Debra!)  for further consideration...

EVAN Spring Exhibition!! 8th March opening night...

Lily and Dyslexic Artist are showing works alongside  other Local artists who are also part of EVAN (Eden Valley Artistic Network) from 8th March until 4th April...

Come and see fantastic local artworks to peruse and purchase at your leisure! 



open every day 10-4

News February/Noticias Febrero

Artist's Studio Presents: New Exhibition- Traduciendo historia

This new exhibition which is over two sites shows works that confront the view to consider the reality of the conflict, greed and cost that Latin America continues to be haunted by. It situates itself in a child who bears witness to and around violence, loss and memory.

Esta nueva exposición muestra obras que confrontan la visión de considerar la realidad del conflicto, la codicia y el costo que América Latina sigue siendo perseguida. Se ubica en un niño que es testigo de violencia, pérdida y memoria.

Request for donations for refugees in Calais

Lily is in talks with Penrith and Eden Refugee network, to make a trip to Calais.

a request is going out to any donations for items:

outer clothing-jackets/trousers/gloves etc and sleeping bags 

Please contact Lily on or the Penrith and Eden Refugee network on


Lily está en conversaciones con Penrith y Eden Refugee Network, para hacer un viaje a Calais.

se enviará una solicitud a cualquier donación de artículos:

ropa exterior-chaquetas / pantalones / guantes, etc. y sacos de dormir

Por favor, póngase en contacto con Lily en o en la red de Refugiados de Penrith and Eden en


News/Noticias January 2018

Lily Latina Castaño- new works in Open Artist's Studio!

Lily Latina and Barry Yellow have now opened their New Studio premises in Appleby -In- Westmorland...we'd love to see you!

Wednesdays-Saturdays 10-4

Lily Latina y Barry Yellow han abierto sus locales de New Studio en Appleby -In- Westmorland ... ¡nos encantaría verte!

Miércoles-Sábados 10-4

Red Thread Collective Meet and Greet February 3rd or February 5th- Please come along to find out more and meet us

We are excited to share that Red Thread first ever Meet and Greet is coming up!

Saturday 3rd February 


Monday 5th February 6.30pm

Artist's Studio, 1 Cherry Row, Appleby-In-Westmorland, CA16 6QP

¡Estamos emocionados de compartir que Red Thread primero Meet and Greet se acerca!

Sábado 3 de febrero

2.30 p.m.

Monday 5 de febrero


Artist's Studio, 1 Cherry Row, Appleby-In-Westmorland, CA16 6QP

Lily's new works are on show in Artist studio

Lily has produced two new pieces especially for the New Artist's Studio and is inviting you to come and see if you haven't already done so...

Lily has used the Artist’s Studio site as a canvas to develop small enclosed worlds into larger installation pieces. These new works whilst based in feelings around her own experiences of trans-culture and trans-raciality it is also exploring the need to bring about to visitors the wider ramifications around the assimilation of ‘other'.

Lily ha producido dos nuevas piezas especialmente para New Artist's Studio y te invita a venir y ver si aún no lo has hecho ...

Lily ha utilizado el sitio de Artist's Studio como lienzo para desarrollar pequeños mundos cerrados en piezas de instalación más grandes. Estas nuevas obras, basadas en sentimientos relacionados con sus propias experiencias de transcultura y transracialidad, también exploran la necesidad de provocar en los visitantes las ramificaciones más amplias en torno a la asimilación del "otro".

Artist's Studio en 1 Cherry Row, Appleby-In-Westmorland, CA16 6QP

Sábado 3 de febrero

Previous News/Noticias anteriores

Lily Latina

Lily s art Cards were left in @London Town...a little bit of pink left behind (December 2017)

Las cartas de arte de Lily se dejaron en @London Town ... un poco de rosa se

Red Thread collective updateActualización colectiva Red Thread

We have 20 members to the Red Thread!

Tenemos 20 miembros para el hilo rojo!

We have simplified membership!

Women who show an interest and live within the Eden Valley/Penrith area are automatically members and will receive free email updates/invites to events

Women who show an interest but live outside of Eden valley/Penrith area are automatically Friends and will receive free updates!

January 2018

Dia De Los Muertos

Janis, Wendy and I with Bailey, Purdy and Puggy visited Allonby Beach on 2nd November to honour and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed from this life into another…

Janis, Wendy y yo con Bailey, Purdy y Puggy visitamos Allonby Beach el 2 de noviembre para honrar y celebrar las vidas de seres queridos que han pasado de esta vida a otra ...

Red thread Collective meeting coming up In January...

We are looking hold a Red Thread meeting in Appleby in January and of course all members will be invited to meet for a chat, tea and a scone!

Watch this space...

In the meantime, Red Thread Collective would like to take this opportunity to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xxx

December 2017