Red Thread Collective La costura de una revolución tranquila

Red Thread Collective


A Red Thread collective started in October 2017 by Lily Castaño an artist based in Penrith, Cumbria, following discussions with Felting artist Debra Esterhuizen and Jewellery designer Bridget Yourell.

Lily wanted to start up a collective for women in the local community in and around  A66 in Penrith to come together for support, friendship, inspiration and events.

Women from all walks of life who have connections to themselves, each other and to the mother of nature are invited to join the thread.

Join the Thread


Join us here at Red Thread  Collective - - - - -

Feel free to share your friendship, time, word, song, dance and love

And of course we’d love to know what skills, knowledge and experience you might want to bring along too so that we can get those wheels turning…

It is envisaged that a newsletter will be developed that will hold thoughts, words, ideas, suggestions, as well as information and records of events such as Dia de Los Muertos beach trip held on 02/11/2017 

All members are invited to contribute to Red Thread in any shape or form that they see fit.

Event suggestions are most welcome!

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Red Thread around the world of Women


“A global symbol of connectivity, destiny, and storytelling recognized in many different spiritual and cultural traditions. 

A sign of connection.

 A visible representation of the unbroken thread between us. 

The red threads that weave the red tent together. The umbilical cord. The beginning of life. Red”. (Special thanks to Shiloh Sophia)

For Lily, she feels that herself and other women can trust themselves and their bodies and mind to make informed decisions and choices about what they are able to share with others about themselves.

Red Thread Collective will hold a database of all members -with consent, to ensure that those that want to be can be invited to events and share with us their ideas are welcome

Join the Red Thread Collective



Women who show an interest in wanting to join Red Thread... are automatically Members of Red Thread!!

Members are Women local to Eden Valley/Penrith areas  who may have limited availability but want to participate and be invited to organised and planned events/excursions, or just want to bring along tea and cake!

 Members may want to volunteer their specialist skills and plan workshops with Red Thread Collective to share these skills

Friends of Red Thread


Red Thread Collective welcome Men and Women who may live out of borough- Carlisle/London/Newcastle/Etc but want to show support and are welcome to share ideas and information..