The Rosa Conceptual Gallery

The Rosa Conceptual Gallery open!

This pop up gallery is open for business for the next 6 months! 

The Gallery is open 

Wednesdays 1-4 

Thursdays 10-3

Fridays 10-3 

Saturdays 10-3 

Please note that on occassion Lily or NINA d might be out walking the dog or in the studio or indeed gone fishing! 

Simply Pink exhibition

Simply Pink exhibition showed new works from Lily Castaño and her alter ego NINA d

NINA d debuted in EVAN art trail in June 2018

New Exhibition Guerra en Casa

Guerra en Casa translates as War at Home 

An explosion has occurred in the domestic landscape situated at home. 

The remnants leave a brother and sister shifting identities 

Splintered across the continents 

The exhibition runs till the 15th April. 


New exhibition WOLF



what makes you tremble little red in the dark?

you my brother you

This exhibition is an ode to the artists family 

although she hasn’t seen them since infancy, she knows them by their breath, their coats and their howl. 

She invites you in and to to follow the story so far...

Mama (2019)


She wolf (2019)